Fouere criticized Gruevski for the collapse of political dialogue in FYROM


Fouere criticized Gruevski for collapse of the political dialogue

Former EU Ambassador to FYROM Erwan Fouere analysis for the enlargement of the Union, with a focus on FYROM indicates that the country is going trough an erosion of basic democratic values and standards.

-The latest developments, as well as the unwillingness of the government to promote the spirit of compromise, led to a further erosion of basic democratic values and standards in the country, as well as deepening distrust in an already deeply divided society. Involuntary disposal not only all journalists, but also of opposition MPs December 24 from the Parliament, was a tragic reminder of the continued failure of the government led by Gruevski, to engage in any meaningful political dialogue over the past years – writes Fouere .

According to him, one of the most important problems because of which there is no democracy in FYROM is the lack freedom of the media.

He stresses that EU-messages are always distorted by government-controlled media, while some independent journalists who do not accept it, are subject to continued intimidation and harassment. This in itself is a shocking indictment of the current government in FYROM.

Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM

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