Election Manipulations Continue in FYROM

Widespread Irregularities witnessed in the 2nd round of elections in FYROM

Photo by: MIA

Skopje, FYROM – Reports about increased number of  irregularities took place during the second round of the local elections in FYROM. Despite the assurances by FYROM’s Minister of Interior Affairs, Gordana Jankuloska that ” elections were held in line with all democratic standards“, facts show the opposite.

The facts are as follows:

– Dozens of residents of Pustec (Albania), appeared on  Sunday at a few polling stations in Centar voting with biometric passports. These passports are reported by FYROM’s Utrinski Vesnik to say that their street addresses are  Maksim Gorki 1 and Maksim Gorki 11. Utrinski vesnik visited these apartments. “It was a deserted little building with broken windows and no signs that anyone has lived there recently!!!!”, its reporter testified.

– Vote buying in the municipality of Kochani has been registered in many cases. In addition, numerous cases of family voting were registered in the Roma settlements.

– In Veles, as previously in Skopje, deceased still appear as voters in the Voters’ Lists.

– Civil received complaints from citizens in one of the villages in Berovo, who report that activists of a political party were threatening them with their life and that they will burn their property unless they vote for their party.

– Family and group voting was seen in Bitola, Staro Nagorichane, Gostivar, Chair, Tetovo, Tearce, Struga, Jegunovce and other places.

According to the report of OSCE/ODIHR (Election Observation Mission) elections were stamped by biased Media coverage and interference of  Political Parties in the electoral process.


Contrary to their legal obligations, the public broadcaster MRT did not provide balanced coverage. MRT-1 devoted 21 per cent of its news coverage to the government and 37 per cent to VMRO-DPMNE, mostly positive or neutral in tone, with SDSM receiving 29 per cent of mainly negative or neutral coverage. MRT-2, which provides programmes in minority languages, provided mostly neutral coverage, with 33 per cent of coverage to DUI and 16 per cent to DPA. Private channels Sitel and to lesser extent Kanal 5 provided favourable news coverage to the government and VMRO-DPMNE and were strongly critical of SDSM, while Telma and Alsat-M provided more balanced coverage. Sitel allotted 42 per cent of news coverage to VMRO-DPMNE, 32 per cent to SDSM, and 15 per cent to the government. Kanal 5 devoted 34 per cent to VMRO-DPMNE, 23 per cent to SDSM, and 21 per cent to the government. Telma allotted 28 per cent to VMRO-DPMNE and 35 per cent to SDSM. Alsat-M placed more focus on the ethnic Albanian parties and devoted 27 per cent to DUI, 15 per cent each to both DPA and SDSM, and 14 per cent to VMRO-DPMNE.

Check out the video from NovaTV where a resident of Pustec (Albania) appears in Centar (FYROM) and votes in the local elections of FYROM.


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