Lithuanian’s Ambassador Message Shocks FYROM


The list of your problems is long. You have no progress in many spheres. It is not a mistake that we fail to mention you, you are not part of our priorities.

This clear message of the Lithuanian ambassador to FYROM, Renatas Juska hit like a hurricane in the tedious reality in FYROM.

Almost a week ago, the Slovenian President Borut Pahor, who indirectly said that two are needed for a fight  and FYROM must present a proposal that will unarm the EU.

This is the second official with instruction from the European Union who spoke in a language that everyone understands and who did not leave room at all to claim that the problem lies on another side.

In Utrinski Vesnik analysts wondered whether this was an  incidental and independent outburst of the Lithuanian ambassador or does a new tactics from Brussels in relation to the politics of FYROM’s establishment hide behind it.

Ambassador Nano Ruzin said  that there is no dilemma that the representative from Lithuania said this intentionally and in consultation with other EU ambassadors in FYROM.

It is shameful for us that a country that twenty years ago did not know what democracy is, now to lecture us about it,” Ruzin said, adding that the great deficit in meeting the Copenhagen criteria in their country is becoming obvious.

This is not an announcement of a new tactic but evolution of the one practiced so far,” he said, adding that this could be expected because the EU requirements are not met.

According to him, if you have brutal politics inside the country, it will come back to you with brutal politics abroad, especially when the public opinion continues to be defocused with theses that only Greece is responsible for the dead-end that their European integration got stuck in. He described the manner of  FYROM’s officials lately as a silent but pathetic revolt, to call Greece – “our southern neighbor” or “our partner in the south”.

 Source: Utrinski Vesnik

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