FYROM’s Slavs in Panic from Increase of the numbers of Albanians

According to INA, FYROM’s Slavs are in panic from the increased birth rate of Albanians. Namely the fact that the participation of FYROM’s Slavs in the country’s total mortality rate is growing more concerning. Due to this, VMRO-DPMNE and FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski are constantly raising the topics and concern over the demographic-interethnic trends in the country.

Deputy PM Vladimir Pesevski also mentioned the danger from the visible reduction of their numbers. At the Conference of the UMD, as news agency INA reports, Pesevski urged young people from the FYROM’s Diaspora to take out FYROM’s passports.

He said that the role of FYROM’s Diaspora in the following years will be even bigger, due to the fact that the numbers and relations between the ethnic communities are changed. Therefore it will be highly important to increase the number of  the slavic element in the future. This will be very important for the economy as well.

The drastic drop of the birth rate continues in FYROM while the State Statistical Office registered a serious drop of the number of newly-born babies. According to statistical data, the birth rate dropped by 4% in the period from 1995 to 2012, demographers analyze that the country is losing its battle with the birth rate while the government failed in its plan to increase the number of newly-born babies.


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