Commission’s failure turns into a fiasco for FYROM’s EU integration

Following  the interruption of the work of the  ad-hoc parliamentary Commission and the recent resignation of Chairman Borce Davitkovski, many analysts believe that it could turn easily into a diplomatic fiasco for FYROM.

EU officials never hid their discomfort with the inability of  the two largest political parties in FYROM,  SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE  to reach  an agreement regarding the inquiry committee tasked with investigating the events of 24 December.

The agreement was sealed 6 months (!!!) after the incident and a 5-member committee was finally formed. A month later, Davitkovski who had accepted  the office of chairman of the committee suddenly resigned due to pressures.

Analysts tend to believe that initial praises can now turn into negative assessments and fierce criticisms in the European Commission’s final report for FYROM. The commission’s failure, according to analysts, could be reflected in the conclusions of the NATO Summit that is scheduled for this autumn.

The commission’s failure will seriously damage the country’s reputation before the EU. The events of 24 December were seen by the entire world and everyone saw that the democracy was suspended at the moment when opposition MPs and journalist were forcibly removed from the Parliament. This went unnoticed too, as many other events, but it was still a blow to the democracy that the international community never forgives. This was the reason for the insisting of the international community the commission’s job to be finished,” said former diplomat Denko Maleski in Koha.

Analyst Demush Bajrami also expects negative effects due to the interruption of the Commission’s work and says that the upcoming period is not enough to prevent the damage to the integration process.

“It is a little bit late to come up with another solution to resume the work of this commission or to appoint another chairman because the vacation for the Parliament began. There are also other ways to finalize the work but it seems that there is no will for something like this,” Bajrami said.


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