FYROM: In four years, the number of citizens with Bulgarian citizenships might exceed 25 percent

In 4 years the number of FYROM’s citizens with Bulgarian citizenship might exceed 25 % of the population according to tourist agencies.

Tourist agencies’ data show that the number of demands for Bulgarian passports has increased by 40% compared to the ones from last year.

FYROM’s city of Prilep might be considered really soon as an emigration city. At least 10 applications for Bulgarian passports are submitted there in daily basis.

Most of FYROM’s young people except from wishing to embrace their real roots in the neighbouring country, they also want to use the right to work in the EU, something that the Bulgarian passport offers.

Thus far, around 100,000 FYROM’s citizens have Bulgarian citizenships. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin recently increased the demands for rights of the Bulgarian minority in FYROM.


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