Skopje: Europe’s Disneyland to get a Gigantic Cross


Skopje,FYROM- The council members of the Municipality of Aerodrom made a decision to build a 33-meter high cross on the municipality’s territory.

The decision was voted for by VMRO-DPMNE’s council members while those from SDSM abstained from voting.

The permit for construction of the gigantic cross was requested by Todor Petrov, president of the WMC, an ultra-nationalistic FYROM’s diaspora organization who almost a year ago had urged FYROM’s government to declare war against Greece.

Petrov stated the cross will be built to mark the 2000 years anniversary of Christianity. The location was chosen because according to him 99% percent of the Aerodrom’s population is Christian.

He also stressed that the funds for construction will be collected from donations.

Considering that we have now 2013 and not 2000, it took Petrov a really long time to think it over about the anniversary.

Aerodrom’s Municipality is one of the least tolerating municipalities in terms of the religious coexistence.

Recently it prevented the Albanians from the village of Lisice to build a mosque with the justification that they are less than 5 percent of total municipality’s total population.


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