Lajm: FYROM to include “Ancient Macedonian language” in the educational process?

Antiquization in FYROM is likely to resume with the  introduction of the “Ancient Macedonian Language” in the educational process according to the newspaper Lajm.

With the end of “Skopje 2014” project, the process of construction of monuments is expected to end, FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski recently announced in an interview with Bosnian television BH1.

However, FYROM’s government sources told the Albanian newspaper Lajm that this will not finalize the antiquization process. Namely, another new step is being announced. Entry of the “ancient Macedonian language,” that is to say the “language of Alexander” in the educational process, sources from the Ministry of Culture said.

Antiquization in FYROM after the end of the“Skopje 2014” project  is likely to resume with the  introduction of the “Ancient Macedonian Language” in the educational process according to the newspaper Lajm.

This process was almost at the end, but was interrupted by the arrest of the former Director of the Cultural Heritage Protection, Pasko Kuzman. However it will certainly continue in the future “, emphasized sources who insist to remain anonymous.

They explain several more details about this project.

First its implementation at faculties is to start in order to create cadres that will be able to teach in elementary and secondary schools and with time, its presence in education is planned to be bigger,” anonymous sources said.

But what was “the language of Alexander”?

Newspaper claims that according to Albanian historians, it is allegedly the Illyrian language, namely the “old-Albanian language”.

This is also proven by the recent documents reveals and if they have pretensions for the “language of Alexander,” this should concern Albanians more than the Greeks,” historian Skender Hasani said.

However, according to the newspaper again, “there is a possibility for the old-Greek language, which Alexander the Great learned from Aristotle, to be the “language of Alexander” or the ancient Macedonian language“.

FYROM’s Government says that this issue has still not been reviewed, the article says. The possible introduction of the “language of Alexander” in education has the goal to prove the direct connection between FYROM’s Slavs and the ancient Macedonians. It will not only complicate the situation between Skopje and Athens but it will also cause an internal division among FYROM’s intellectuals.

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