Syria: Ancient City of Palmyra (1978)

Palmyra© UNESCO

Filmschätze aus Köln-vom Rhein-Weltfilmerbe

Historic City of Palmyra in filmshots from 1978 in many interesting details. The famous Oasis City features Greco-Roman architecture, as well as much older relics.

The city was badly damaged during the current Syrian civil war..In May 2015, the city has been taken by military forces of the totalitarian movement “islamic state”, the heritage site is supposed to be endangered like never before in 3-4000 years of it´s existence:…

The City is located in central Syria 130 miles northeast of Damascus and was founded in the second millenium B.C. In the 17th century its location was rediscovered by Western travellers, and was studied by European and American archaeologists starting in the 19th century. The villagers who had settled in the Temple of Ba’al were dislodged in 1929 by the French authority.

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