Mount Olympus‬, the “Parthenon” of Greek Nature


In this video, created by Konstantinos Arvanitakis, the stunning nature of Mount Olympus almost outshines the glorious history and mythology that made it famous. The mountain boasts fifty-five peaks that reach nearly 3,000m and a complex ecosystem of spectacular variation.

The rich natural beauty of the mountain, often filmed from the perspective of the creatures that inhabit it, makes it easy for us to imagine why the ancient Greeks thought of Olympus as the residence of the gods.

The abundant green and the mineral blue that eventually overtook the city of Dion, presented an additional challenge to the archaeologists who centuries later attempted to bring the city back to light. The vintage footage from the excavations, juxtaposed with shots of the natural environment becomes a meditation on the intersection between the ephemeral and the eternal, the human and the divine.

from Onassis Foundation (USA)


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