Delos – Δήλος

Alexander_the_Great _Delos_Inopos_Louvre

Bust of Alexander the Great, known as the “Inopos”

Delos,  Hellenistic Art (3rd-1st centuries BC)

Louvre Museum

Directed by Andonis Theocharis Kioukas


DELOS 2015, documentary, 25 ‘, color, English version, 2015
Direction: Andonis Theocharis Kioukas 
Narration: George Corraface 
Screenplay: Alexandra Dimou-Dimitris Karavolas 
Cinematography: Konstantinos Arvanitakis 
Music: Platon Andritsakis 
Sound: Theodoris Melis
Executive Producer: Thalia Kalafata
Producer: Qkas Productions


The film DELOS 2015, aims at projecting Delos, the largest and richest archaeological site of Greece, worldwide. DELOS 2015 is not an archaeological documentary in its traditional form; it is rather a film that aspires to speak about the diachronic meaning of Delos. It examines why Delos was a ‘sacred place’ for so many centuries; to show its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its social tolerance, its religious tolerance, its acceptance of ‘others’, its liberalism and the harmonious co-existence of civilizations. Delos aspires to be the home-country of ‘Man’ and to be used as a springboard for the utopia of deification and his immortalization.

Delos had a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis; remains show that it was inhabited in the 3rd millennium BC. At its height it was second only in importance to the ancient Greeks as Delphi, covered by a variety of temples and sanctuaries. Located just two kilometers from Mykonos, it sits in the center of the islands surrounded by the Cyclades islands, forming a literal circular border. Those involved in the DELOS 2015 initiative are not immersed in wild flowers that grow over the carved marble, but the road to hope and a dream of a modern humanity, anxious in the unending struggle with death and decay.

Κράτα το

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