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Μίτση says:

Θα ήθελα να κάνω μία σοβαρή παρατήρηση.
Εγώ χαίρομαι που βλέπω την δουλειά που κάνετε και ΠΟΥ ΜΠΟΡΩ ΝΑ ΔΙΑΒΑΖΩ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΔΙΟΤΙ ΕΙΜΑΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΔΑ.
Το ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΟΤΕΡ όμως, είναι όταν τα κοινοποιούμε να μπορούνε να τα διαβάζουνε σε όλο το πλανήτη! ΠΑΝΤΟΥ! Γι’αυτό πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να φτιάξετε την ιστιοσελίδα αυτή και στα Αγγλικά.
Μόνο έτσι θα έχει μεγαλύτερη ουσία και αξία η κοινοποίηση για πολλούς σαν εμένα που γνωρίζω κόσμο σε όλο το πλανήτη.
Ελπίζω να σκεφτείτε αυτή τη συμβουλή.
Εσθήρ Μίτση

να ζησει η Μ α κ ε δ ο ν ι α !! Η Μ α κ ε δ ο ν ι α ε ί ν α ι μ ί α !!


Ο λωλός,αν δεν κουραστεί,δεν κάθεται.

takis says:

“Aiakides” or should i say Aiakidovski,

Your gibberish makes no sense. There is only one people from ancient times being Macedonians and they are always Greek. I dont know what drugs you are into. Give it a go. Too coimplicated thougts are not for you.

I want to quote a conversation between James Stewart (WINCHESTER 73) with a wronghheaded,, cowhand ramrod, boozwreck, οινοφλυξ, οκλασευς, προσεμβριμαομος,τυπος,

“l want you to get your tongue straight”

the right the slavs to call themselves “makedonians” the same righ their southern neighbors have to call themselves greeks.
both are muslims and christians like makedonians and their blood relatives the southerns who all were muslims and ochites (orthodox christians).
both they spit venum rediculing themselves to claim something they are not.
there is no wrong for both to claim their own culture, the one they fashioned throughout their own idiosygracy in their newly history.
indegrity is lacking so the issue is a deadpan, undermining an intelligent man’s intervention.

alexandros aiakides


Η Μακεδονία δεν είναι ακίνητη περιουσία που αλλάζει χέρια σε κάθε διεκδίκηση. Είναι δημιούργημα της φύσης με θεμέλια βαθιά ριζωμένα στην απεραντοσύνη του χρόνου.
Είναι κοιτίδα του πολιτισμού που αναπτύχθηκε μέσα από τις παραδόσεις των αρχαίων ελληνικών φύλων και το πνεύμα των σπουδαίων φιλοσόφων που έγραψαν την ιστορία χωρίς εμπάθειες και φανατισμό.
Είναι πολιτισμός που σφυρηλατήθηκε στην δίνη του χρόνου υπομένοντας την αμφισβήτηση για την ελληνικότητα του.
Είναι ιστορία καλογραμμένη που την έγραψαν οι προγονικοί λαοί της και όχι οι ανιστόρητοι ηγέτες του σήμερα.


Για την Μακεδονία έχουν γραφτεί πολλά και διάφορα. Πότε για τις παρανοϊκές διεκδικήσεις του ονόματος από τα Σκόπια και τους διερχόμενους κατοίκους του και πότε για την αυθεντικότητα της. Δυστυχώς όμως και στις αντιλήψεις κάποιων Ελλήνων επικρατεί κάποια σύγχυση ως προς την ιστορικότητα της Μακεδονίας. Γενικότερα η Β. Ελλάδα κατά καιρούς καλείται ενώπιον ολιγομελούς εθνοδικείου για να συμβιβαστεί με την εκχώρηση του ονόματος “Μακεδονία” προς τους ιστορικά ορφανούς των Σκοπίων.
Αυτό που κατά βάθος κρίνεται δεν είναι η αναγνώριση της πατρότητας μιας χώρας που ήδη βαφτίστηκε με το όνομα της Μακεδονίας πριν από μερικές χιλιάδες χρόνια. Είναι οι υποβόσκουσες αντιλήψεις για την αναθεώρηση των συνόρων της Μακεδονίας από τις όμορες χώρες.
Ο πολιτισμός των λαών είναι μια αμιγώς υπαρξιακή υπόθεση και τα διακριτικά του γνωρίσματα δεν εκφυλίζονται από τις ερμαφρόδιτες πεποιθήσεις κάποιων άνοων ηγετών. Στο σημείο αυτό θα ήθελα να τονίσω ότι την ιστορία της Μακεδονίας δεν την έγραψαν οι ηγέτες του σήμερα και του χτές, την έγραψαν οι αρχαίοι Έλληνες και επιφανείς προσωπικότητες των Γραμμάτων, των Τεχνών, και των Επιστημών που με την δική τους συμβολή αλλά και του λαού, ανέπτυξαν τον ελληνικό πολιτισμό.
Ο Αριστοτέλης από τα Στάγειρα της Χαλκιδικής, ο φιλόσοφος Δημόκριτος και ο σοφιστής Πρωταγόρας από τα Άβδηρα της Θράκης, ο περίφημος ζωγράφος Πολύγνωτος, ο ποιητής Ηγήμων, ο Λεωδάμας όπως και ο αθλητής Θεαγένης από την Θάσο, ο λεξικογράφος Αμερίας, ο ρήτορας και ιστορικός Καλλισθένης , ο ποιητής και κωμωδιογράφος Ποσείδιππος, αφιέρωσαν τη ζωή τους για να φωτίσουν το πνεύμα των λαών της Μακεδονίας.
Μέσα από το οδοιπορικό των ηρώων της ελληνικής μυθολογίας, η Μακεδονία συγκεντρώνει και αναπτύσσει τα σημαντικότερα φύλα των αρχαίων Ελλήνων. Οι Πελασγοί, οι Μακεδνοί, οι Δωριείς, οι Παίονες και οι Θράκες, είναι τα κυριότερα φύλα που ένωσαν τα βασίλεια και καθόρισαν τον γεωπολιτικό χάρτη και τα σύνορα της χώρας.


D-Mak says:

Σε ευχαριστούμε G!

G says:

Giasou file Administrator,

Not sure if you seen this one, but something to add to your collection:

Julian, The Caesars
When the feast had been prepared as I have described, the gods lacked nothing, since all things are theirs. Then Hermes proposed to examine the heroes personally and Zeus was of the same mind. Quirinus thereupon begged that he might summon one of their number to his side. “Quirinus,” said Heracles, “I will not have it. For why did you not invite to the feast my beloved Alexander also? Zeus, if you are minded to introduce into our presence any of these Emperors, send, I beg of you, for Alexander. For if we are to examined into the merits of men generally, who do we not throw open the competition to the better man?” Zeus considered that what the son of Alcmene said was only just. So Alexander joined the company of heroes, but neither Caesar nor anyone else yielded his place to him. However he found and took a vacant seat which the son of Severus had taken for himself -- he had been expelled for fratricide.

Then Silenus began to rally Quirinus and said, “See now whether all these Romans can match this one Greek.” “By Zeus,” retorted Quirinus, “I consider that many of them are as good as he! It is true that my descendants have admired him so much that they hold that he alone of all foreign generals is worthy to be styled ‘the Great.’ However, that we shall very soon find out by examining these men.” Even as he spoke Quirinus was blushing, and was evidently extremely anxious on behalf of his descendants and feared that they might come off with the second prize.

ellinas says:

να ζησει η Μακεδονια, Εληννικη για παντα!

Με χορο και με τραγουδι σε δοξαζω


123Godfreak says:

Macedonia=Makedonia=Greek word
First country to have name Greece second=Makedonia land of hellenic gods
First Empire in europe Greek
Macedonia, Money, Songs and languge and religion= GREEK

H.M says:

Hi Everyone,
You know how some people greet each other with curses like ” How are you doing you son of a $$$$$” I’m trying to find any ancient parallels for curses as greeting. I asked a history expert at all experts. He couldn’t give me a parallel but he suggested that I should look up Macedonian history. Do you know of any examples of curses/insults as greetings in ancient Macedonia?



dacul says:

FILIPPOU =FILIUS =is posible latin language =but is verry simple know if test ADN .

Arbania1 says:

Dear neighbors I support your struggle on defending the Ancient Macedonian heritage and I really wish you luck and courage because facing this sick people is not an easy thing to do
personally I’m Arbanian from Dibër I grow up in Shkup (skopje in bg.) but I still cannot believe how this people lie their own self’s and try to force others around them and around the world to believe their lies this is an unprecedented case in human history
They think that a nations name and history can be picked like a product in any supermarket.

I would just like to remind that these uneducated people at that time were manipulated by Serbian Kingdom starting before the ww2,
as they failed to occupy northern Albania and capture Durres Port they turn to Greece and Thessaloniki that is the reason why they have created this fake nation and as from 1944 named them Makedontzi and Makedonska kumunistitzka partija (communist party) was the state apparatus created by serbia to prepare the idea of a new nation with this stolen name in order to later pretend the Greek Macedonia by saying that there are other of these abominations living there exaggerating their numbers while we all know that there are maybe a dozen villages mostly being happy where they are.
This is the reason of the support and arming of the Greek communist party and the civil was during some 10 years they absolutely wanted to capture Thessaloniki Port but never made it, now you and us find our self’s to deal with this motorman’s unfortunately.

I personally with some friends we are doing a similar activity in explain people around that this self named Macedonians are not Macedonians but Bulgarians they have nothing to do with Macedonia nor the Antiquity, they are Bulgarians and that’s how everyone should address them… 24/7 and even not use FYROM at all (as the M represents Macedonia) but simply FYR (former Yugoslav rep.)

Believe me the brainwashing is on since 60 years now and is not an easy reverse it, takes a lot of time to well explain someone to make him understand and get him out of this brainwashing

I wish Good luck to all of us, we must keep our work going on and we believe that at the end the truth will be evident we will make it

Friendly greeting


Shkup / Estern Arbania

dear friend albania 1

l am coming back after awhile to conclude that which we aught it to history and justice.
l want to commend you for being an albanian. you tou might have had claims on hellenism, but you don’t.
every race has its own grassroots and one must be proud of it. that dectates the physical law of the origins of spieces according to anaximandros.
only those who are inferior and coward are seeking false proofs of their own national roots.

The aboriginal Hellen is here and claiming his heritage not only in Hellas but in Ionia, Euxine Pontos, Great Hellas and wherever hellenic ruins are unearthed.

Get to know freind that what the slavs in skopia are doing to hellenism, i.e. usurping it, so the southern neighbors the multitude of orthodox christians (the ochites) who live in Hellas are doing to the vast greater extend to hellenism.

they have been usurping it since the forcefull advent of the ochitic emperors.
both, muslim and christians in skopia and ochites in the south, base their existence on the law of conquest and the foreigner romantic applauds.

and this is the greatest drama unfolded to the hellenes of today, the gross humiliation stemmed out of their usurpers behavor.
germans, without a shame, redicule goddess Aphrodite and Apollon on the face of a drachma bill.
sokrates, phokion, xenokrates and homer are liars, theives, embezzlers and doublefacers.

we re the UNITED CITIES OF HELLENES AND PHILHELLENES ECUMENISM (UCH AND PE) the cause of discontent and embitterment the minority ethnic group of aboriginals who are established in diaspora and UCH proper.
the world is changing and we are driving on a tethrippon chariot.
l guess the game is over for the Failed States in this world.

alexandros aiakides

Αlexandros the Great an Aiakides, was not so much a Hellen, as Frank Sinatra was so much a communist because he was drinking vodka. Frank was accused from zealots as much as Alexandros.

Αχελωϊδα says:

Έχω εκστασιαστεί…Συγχαρητήρια..Τόσο καλή δουλειά για τη Μακεδονία μας !!!..Η ωραιότερη ιστοσελίδα που έχω επισκεπτεί..ΕΣΤΙΝ ΟΥΝ ΕΛΛΑΣ ΚΑΙ Η ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ..ΤΟ ΠΙΟ ΓΛΥΚΟ ΚΟΜΜΑΤΙ ΣΤΗΝ ΚΑΡΔΙΑ ΚΑΘΕ ΕΛΛΗΝΑ..

Evv says:

Ena fou na kanoume tous exoume parei ta sinora re. Milane ki olas…vre oust. Ellinas geniesai den ginesai pote!

dodoni says:


Jim says:

Γεια σας,

Συγχαρητήρια για τη προσπάθειά σας παιδιά και για τις πληροφορίες που μας δίνετε. Θα ήθελα όμως να σας ρωτήσω κάτι που εδώ και χρόνια με προβληματίζει. Γιατί δεν υπάρχει μια συνεννόηση με όλους τους σχετικούς, με τη Μακεδονία μας, διαδικτυακούς τόπους και να δημιουργήσετε (μαζί κι εγώ αν και Θρακιώτης) μια μεγάλη σύγχρονη διαδικτυακή πύλη. Βιβλιογραφικό και άλλο υλικό (έστω και περιορισμένης έκτασης αν είναι εμπορικό) μπορείτε να ζητήσετε και από περιοδικά, εφημερίδες, εκδοτικούς οίκους, βιβλιοθήκες, μουσεία αλλά και σχολεία με τη προβολή ανάλογων διαφημίσεων (όχι άλλο άστοχο google ads).

Σίγουρα χρειάζεται η εργασία κάποιου ειδικού για το στήσιμο της πύλης αφού ένα απλό wordpress (και μάλιστα σε υποφάκελο) δεν είναι αρκετό για την προώθηση του θέματος (SEO). Μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε ένα αναγνωρισμένο και σύντομο domain που ήδη υπάρχει σε ελληνικά χέρια π.χ. που δε νομίζω να αρνηθεί ο κάτοχος να το δώσει αν υπάρξει συλλογική προσπάθεια.


Konstantinos says:

Please find hereby the link form wikipedia regarding the so called republic of Macedonia.
I am not a historian, but anyone with profound knowledge in history may edit and correct any untruthful text.

Mario S. says:

Please correct. Ma K edonia, Ma K edonian, Ma K edonish, ….etc
Stop using the Tito`s fraud name “Ma C edonia”. All ancient scripts write M A K E D O N I A, and this is beond any dispute.
If the Paeonians want to have a part of our history, they are welcome to change their language, their “culture”,
and denay their history of the last 64 years, in order to entry to Hellenism which is present 5000 years.

Dimitrios Kakouros says:

Καλησπέρα σας. Θα ήθελα να σας επισημάνω κάτι που θεώρησα αρκετά σοβαρό καθώς αλλοιώνει τον χαρακτήρα του ιστολογίου σας. Στην ανάρτησή σας

“Thessaloniki: Outstanding 20th century engravings to be displayed in the Art Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies.
Posted by Amarantos in Greece, Macedonian Culture, Macedonian news, Thessalonike & Other Macedonian Cities ”

στη μετάφραση της google αντιγράφοντας κ επικολλώντας το παραπάνω επιστρέφει:

“Θεσσαλονίκη: Εξαιρετική 20ου αιώνα, χαρακτικά που θα εμφανίζεται στην Πινακοθήκη της Εταιρείας Macedonian Studies.
Posted by Αμάραντος στην Ελλάδα, Σλαβομακεδονικά Πολιτισμού, Σλαβομακεδονικά ειδήσεις, Θεσσαλονίκη και άλλες πόλεις Macedonian”

Αυτό συμβαίνει και όπου αλλού αναφέρονται οι όροι Macedonian Culture, Macedonian news.
Παρακαλώ να κάντεται παρέμβαση στην google γιατί διαφημίζουν με αυτόν τον τρόπο τον πολιτισμό μας ως πολιτισμό των Σκοπίων.


Nikos says:


I dont think there is available any picture depicting Cynane. There are only a few modern accounts related to her life and in those i havent ever seen any pic. You may try looking at Women and monarchy in Macedonia‎ by Eliz. Carney.

shockolanu says:

Hey guys, does anyone have pictures depicting Cynane, daughter of Philip? I need pics for a video on youtube and I’m kind of stuck.

dodoni says:

Here is the statement of >>> 349 <<< qualified and respectful scholars of the greatest universities of the world (Sorbonne, UCLA, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc etc) who declare beyond any doubt:

" We do not understand how the modern inhabitants of ancient Paionia, who speak Slavic – a language introduced into the Balkans about a millennium after the death of Alexander – can claim him as their national hero. ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS THOROUGHLY AND INDISPUTABLY GREEK. His great-great-great grandfather, Alexander I, competed in the Olympic Games where participation was limited to Greeks…

Even before Alexander I, the Macedonians traced their ancestry to ARGOS, and many of their kings used the head of Herakles -- the quintessential GREEK hero -- on their coins…

We call upon you, Mr. President, to help -- in whatever ways you deem appropriate -- the government in Skopje to understand that it cannot build a national identity at the EXPENSE OF HISTORIC TRUTH. Our common international society cannot survive when HISTORY IS IGNORED, MUCH LESS WHEN HISTORY IS FABRICATED."

mattaeus says:

In the time of the Romans when Julius Caesar conquered Gaul (modern day France) and Britain he said they spoke nearly the same language and he could easily communicate with them. They were later invaded by Franks thereby dramatically changed their language. Are you going to suggest that they are the same people and that either of them should lay claim to territory? The Macedonian language of the ancients is lost. Greek thinking and learning was at the forefront so it makes sense that other countries could speak it for trade and it also was the dominant thinkers language (mother of democracy etc.) However countries all over the Roman empire spoke their own language but also spoke Latin because it was the language of dominant Rome. Europe was invaded by barbaric tribes and Byzantines for centuries country’s and cultures were oppressed and suppressed for centuries many of the people and landscapes were changed, so when comparisons of language are made to modern day neighbour’s it is rather absurd… The opinion of a German in a museum who says he may have been “mostly” Greek does not hold much weight does it? Their are just as many strong opinions for the latter but they are just that opinions…

στεφανος says:

Το Θεμα με τον Στεργιου ειναι πρωτοσελιδο στο περιοδικο Φοκουσ, στο παρον τευχος (27.09.2009).
Στο ΜΟναστηρι επικρατει φοβος. Ο προξενος κ. Τριποδακης καλεσε τον Στεργιου και του ειπε οτι το προξενειο στεκεται διπλα του και δεν θα αφησει να τον πειραξει κανενας.
Ομως μετα ξυ των ελληνικων οικογενειων, που τα παιδια τους μαθαινουν τα ελληνικα, επικρατει φοβος κια διστακτικοτητα και πιθανον αρκετα να διακοψουν την παρακολουθηση.

Makedonisa says:

H Makedonia einai MIA kai panta tha meinei MAKEDONIKI Makedonia!!!!

O erxomenos xronos tha grapsei thn ALITINI istoria gia thn Makedonia MAS !!!

Den mporeite na kanete TIPOTA !!!

jamie says:

The idea of a philhellene in the modern-postmodern literature is identified with all associations supporting, upholding, and most importantly being pro-Greek. Historical propaganda especially that pedaled by certain jingoistic nationalists use this term without correct source analysis assuming that Alexander I was called a Philhellene in his lifetime, whereas the appellation was actually applied to him centuries later in the Roman era. Seek out Appianus!
Just food for thought.
Go the Greeks!
p.s. Stefov has built a sound reputation for defecating his views in public which has brought much embarassment to many of his countrymen.