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Vladimir Putin : Alexander of Macedon was a Greek (Video)

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russian Federation, stated that, in effect, Alexander of Macedon (Alexander III, Alexander the Great) was Greek, in a comment following a question about economic crisis in Greece during “Russia 2012” forum, February 2012. In the excerpt from a debate at the forum, the obvious synergy of otherwise blunt statement that “Alexander conquered Persia” followed by […]

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Ancient Macedonian Army – Prodromoi/Sarissophoroi/Scouts

Ancient Macedonian Army - Prodromoi/Sarissophoroi/Scouts

In the ancient Greek world, Prodromoi were the skirmisher light cavalry. In the Macedonian cavalry under Alexander, those whose special weapon was the Sarissa were called on some occasions “prodromoi” while on others “sarissophoroi”(meaning the one who carries a Sarissa in Greek). Berve [1] supported the theory that “Prodromoi” (meaning forerunners in Greek) is simply the old designation of the […]

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Athens: Ancient Lyceum of Aristotle to open to public in late July

The archaeological site of the 4th century BC Lyceum of Aristotle, in downtown Athens, will open to the public in late July. The Lyceum, named after its 6th century BC sanctuary to Apollo Lyceus (the “wolf-god”, from the word “lykos”, or wolf), had long been a place of philosophical discussion and debate, and had had been the meeting place […]

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