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Truth-Revealing Statements by Former FYROM’s Foreign Minister

Translation in English By Marcus Templar “The indignation of the Macedonists for democracy is the same which they had for [any] opposing views. The creation of the “Macedonian” nation, almost half century ago, was materialized under the condition of one-party dictatorship. In those days, there was no difference between science and ideology, so the “Macedonian” historiography unopposed comfortably performed a […]

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FYROM Former Foreign Minister Admits his country has ‘invented’ history

Denko Malevski, First FYROM Foreign Minister after FYROM’s independence from the former Yugoslavia, in an interview to Greek TV: “As far as Alexander and his place in the history of the country (FYROM) is concerned, that is probably the result of POLITICAL PLANNING rather than historical truth.” “The idea that Alexander the Great belongs to us was in the minds […]

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