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Biographies – Eumenes of Cardia

eumenes of cardia (c. 360-316 B.c.) Eumenes, son of Hieronymos was born at Kardia in the Thracian Chersonese.  He was one of the very few non-Macedonian Greeks  who com­manded Macedonian armies with success. Firstly, he was first employed as secretary (γραμματεύς) by Philip and after Philip’s death, he continued to provide the same services under Alexander. Later he accompanied Alexander to Asia as […]

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Rosetta Stone and the Tentov-Boshevski Controversy

  An excellent essay written by Mr Miltiades E. Bolaris with editorial assistance of Phoibos M. Bolaris and Hephaestion M. Bolaris which describe in details everything about Rosetta Stone and the falsehoods of Tentov-Boshevski’s claims. You can read all their amazing work in the following link.

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