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The art of self-deception (Greece – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council August 29, 2009 This article is a rebuttal to Risto Stefov´s article “Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine – Part 2 – A FREE MACEDONIA” Mr.Stefov titled his article inspired by a homonymous article of N.Y. Times (A free Macedonia) that was published on April 27, 1919 and signed by a certain V.K. […]

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The Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures Holds a Meeting in Skoplje, FYROM [05-V-2009]

May 06, 2009 — News segment about the meeting of the Forum of Slavic Cultures in Skoplje, which went largely unnoticed by the FYROMian media. By Brzak

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Branko Geroski Criticizes the Dogmatism of FYROMian Government [16-IV-2009]

Branko Geroski, editor-in-chief of “Sega” weekly, attacks the stubborn lack of desire by the Government of FYROM to find a compromise solution in the name dispute between Skoplje and Athens.

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