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Macedonian Fighters of 1821 from Paleochori of Chalcidike

  About 11 names of Macedonian Fighters of 1821 are known to originate from Paleochori of Mademochoria. They participated in the 1st regular army of the Greek State. The Stamp of the 16th Batallion of the Macedonians from in 1830 Translated from the original Greek text in Doumbia Blog Read Also: Macedonian Officers who fought for Greek […]

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Annual Chestnut Party begins in Eastern Macedonia.

The chestnut season is celebrated every October in many regions across Greece with special events organized to promote the chestnut’s nutritional value. In antiquity, the chestnut tree was regarded in Greece as the tree of Zeus. Mount Olympus, home of the gods of the ancient Greeks, was said to have had an abundance of chestnut trees producing this sweet, […]

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