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When photos contadict biased claims: The case of mr V. Friedman’s account on the book presentation organized by the Rainbow party

There is no need to repeat once again that everyone in Greece should have, and actually has the right and the liberty to express freely their views on different issues. The case of the Rainbow party is a characteristic example of the aforementioned statement, precisely because this particular party has been provided in the past and also today, not only […]

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Bulgaria continues to fear “Macedonian” minority

Bulgaria continues to fear “Macedonian” minority Thursday, 04 June 2009 After two decades of political fighting, yesterday the highest Bulgarian Court once again denied the registration of “Omo Ilinden Pirin”, a “Macedonian” Political Party in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is member of the European Union, and has lost two cases brought against it at the Strasbourg Court by Omo […]

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McDougall´s UN Report – unilateralism regarding Greek minority issues

McDougall´s UN Report - unilateralism regarding Greek minority issues

March 12, 2009 Displaying a memorial report [1] of unilateralism and unprecedented revisionist mood, American UN envoy Gay J. McDougall “discovered” a Turkish and Macedonian minority in Greece and called for the Greek government to “respect” their language and to give them their rights. An impressive and suspicious at the same time fact, is that she throws the Lausanne […]

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Nikos Martis’ Letter to the President of the European Commission, Jose E. Barroso

Nikos Martis Former Hellenic Government Minister 8 Kaissarias Street, Athens, 115 27 Tel.+30 210 777 8800, +30 210 620 4826 Athens, 19 January 2009 OPEN LETTER FROM Nikos Martis Former Hellenic Government Minister President of the «MACEDONIAN HESTIA» TO Mr. Jose Emmanuel Barroso President of the European Commission Dear Mr. President, It is more than clear that what concerns FYROM […]

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Skopjan Propaganda Techniques #2 – The Human Rights Card

Skopjan Propaganda Techniques #2 - The Human Rights Card

These series of articles will expose to public eyes how Skopjan Propaganda works. Especially the massive internet campaign used by Skopjan propagandists with sole aim to deceive the readers while misrepresenting and manipulating well-evidenced historical events to fit their petty nationalistic agenda. It is sometimes hard for the unsuspected reader who is frequently confronted by deceitful attempts to believe false claims disguised to sound truthful. These series of articles aim […]

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Σκοπιανοί στο Facebook - Η Γελοιοποίηση τους δεν έχει όρια..

Τον τελευταίο καιρό μας ενημέρωσαν αναγνώστες, οι καλοί μας γείτονες δημιούργησαν νέο group sto Facebook με τίτλο “EFA-Rainbow :: Macedonian Political Party in Greece” και 621 members. (Μέχρι σήμερα!) Κάναμε μια βόλτα στο group, διαβάσαμε στο description “RAINBOW is the political organization of the Macedonian ethnic minority living within the boundaries of the Greek state“, ;έπειτα μας άφησε με ανοιχτό το στόμα ο συγκλονιστικός μονόλογος […]

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